we are changing the way
you think about Risk

because risk measurement
is not risk management

Aiperion is a consulting, technology and
scientific research firm specialized in risk.

Our focus is investment risk modeling
and uncertainty management.

We open a completely different window into understanding multi-asset class portfolios, liquid or illiquid.

The perspective does not depend on the underlying mix of investment styles:
traditional, alternative, quantitative, public, and private including PE, VC or direct investments.

These are just different ways of taking the same risks.

Our Work

from risk measurement to risk management

Aiperion framework is a way to think, to model and act upon risk
  • Scientific approach
  • Advanced risk models: the enablers
  • True multi-asset class portfolio management
  • All driven by small data
  • Aiperion IP and systems

Your dedicated workspace for advanced thinking, modeling and decision making

A computationally mighty implementation of Aiperion’s paradigm, RiskKey® is built as a two-in-one platform:

An environment for thinking and experimenting along new risk horizons, acting as the bridge between mathematical complexity and intuition

A gallery of “press-the-button” intelligent apps which are made possible by the Aiperion paradigm

RiskKey® is specifically designed to create an interaction between quantitative complexity and natural human understanding. From linguistic qualifiers to comprehensible visual representation of outputs with more than three dimensions, every output aims to engage intuition and channel the value of expertise into each decision.

Whether you wear your investigative thinker hat or your busy decision maker one, RiskKey® is equally your home.


Aiperion brings together decades of investment expertise,
an intellectual property powerhouse,
a top technology enterprise and a former academic team.

We periodically organize educational seminars. Please select the topics of interest:
Optimal dynamic pacing: AI & utility-based optimization of commitments (Registration open)
AI & utility-based optimization in institutional portfolio implementation (Registration open for replay only)
Building portfolios in real time in the integrated A&L space (Registration open for replay only)
ESG: (in)compatibility between ESG measures
The seminars are open to institutional investors.
Suggest other topics and send us questions
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